Your Family First

Yes, Your Family First. You may ask, what are you implying with Your Family First?  Wait, keep reading.

It is so easy to get engaged in trying to win the whole world for Christ, that you may very well forget about your family.  We should never forget two things:

  1. God created the family institution before any type of congregation.  This is why Your Family First most be a priority thought.  Our first ministry is our family.  Never forget that.
  2. In the Great Commission of Matt. 28:18-20. Jesus order us to go an make disciple to all the nations starting in Jerusalem. Jerusalem for us means where we are.  Our starting point is where we are and that clearly points to Your Family First.

I know many people even ministers that they forget this and the consequences are horrible.

As a matter of an illustration please watch this video.  It is a real story and a very touching one.  My prayer is for you to be challenged by it to bear in mind Your Family First.

Video produced by LivingWaters & TheWayofTheMaster

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