I am not alone

Yes, I am not alone.  That is a fact that we tend to forget.  But in te middle of any circumstance, the “I am not alone” conviction really makes the difference.

I am sure that you might know that this “I am not alone” expression comes from our saviour´s mighty name: Immanuel  that means “God is with us”.  I have to say that in the middle of many situations as an individual, with my wife and my children the Holy Spirit has deeply reminded us that we should never forget that our Saviour, our God is involved in any aspect of our lives.  Nothing escapes His control and His awareness.

Wow, what a relief it has brought to our lives.  We knew it, but I have to confess that too many times our minds and spirits had forgotten that profound fact of God’s nature and love for us.

Please do not forget it.  NO matter what you are facing you can say “I am not alone“. Why? Because He is Immanuel…God is with us.

To help you meditate on this and rejoice in this beautiful truth, I share with you his awesome song “I am not alone” by Natalie Grant…

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