About Us

Praise Gate Temple

The Gospel is the Good News message of the finished work of Jesus Christ and everything He accomplished for all mankind and at all times through His grace and mercy.

Praise Gate Temple was born out of the desire to see leaders in many spheres of life as they establish in the message of Grace & Goodness. To know that you are accepted and loved will change your life forever and this will then enable you to reach out to others with this wonderful news.

Praise Gate Temple aims to establish the need for people to have self-worth, dignity, acceptance, peace as well as a desire to know why they are on this earth. Our passion is to affect all mankind across the world with the Good News through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our vision at Praise Gate Temple is to bring God’s children to the Desire place where Worship becomes their lifestyle. We believe strongly that “The value of our worship will determine God’s weight of glory upon us”. Our aim is to teach the true message of the Gospel with integrity, honesty and openness so that the hearts and lives of mankind will be changed.

We want to bring restoration and wholeness to people of all backgrounds to enable them to affect their families, their communities and their nations with the love, goodness and mercies of God. Revival takes place when people find out that God is good and loving as they fall in love with Him.

Our focus is to teach the finished work of Christ, because we believe everyone is in a position to influence others and can only do so positively when they have a biblical self-worth as well as discovering their value.

Our purpose as a family is “To create an atmosphere at Praise Gate Temple where Everyone is Needed, Appreciated and Significant”.